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So What Did We Learn?


Volume 1, Issue 1

February 2003


Neville Chamberlain had returned declaring it was “Peace in our time.”

How wrong he was, and with the benefit of endless speculation, there are discussions over — what if? Well, what if instead of believing in peace, he chose war. One thing lead to another, and the war that started was unparalleled. By the time it ended, 10 million lives had been spent over nothing. All because that arrogant Englishman, who acted totally without consulting his allies, refused to seek peace.

How he, and England would be hated. Just imagine how many generations of Englishmen it would take until they were confident in acting again. To act when it is more than grandstanding (for even that requires involvement).

And this is how we must view our stand on isolationism. There is the constant equation of ‘Isolationism’ to backwardness. But is it? It certainly was a European who said that “the hottest seats in Hell were for those who in a time of crises, did nothing,” however, who more than West Europeans have failed to learn the lesson?

So we can not be Isolationists in the old sense of the term, and with its negative implications.

There are certain places that do, and situations that will always require our, that is America’s, action. If it’s not a question of ‘interests,’ it is a moral necessity. The take-a-look in the mirror factor.

The Balkan Republics are a recent example. There are other places where we no longer have a purpose, be it a result of changes in the world, or for the simple fact that it will not benefit us in any way. There are cold hard facts, there are times when action is impossible. Where it will in fact, more likely cause us trouble. Rwanda is an example of that moral predicament.

In this issue we will discuss our general viewpoint of America’s involvement in world affairs; review our position in Korea, and examine the possible war with Iraq.

As for Chamberlain, may he rest in peace. As for his detractors, may they be put in his shoes, which I suspect, the future of mankind will offer boundless chances.

Inside this issue:

Iraq: Why We Oppose This War

Europe: What Can It Give US?

Who Has Done What?

Let's Do Some Bashing


Special points of interest:


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We also have plans to not only relay opinions to one another, but to take this a step further and directly involve Congress.  I know they'd rather not, but they can talk endlessly about our "interests,"  without making the effort to define what they are.

E.Y. Harburg , who wrote the lyrics for 'Over the Rainbow' put it, as a parable.  "Should I write a letter to my congressman?"  And a voice from on high answered, "Each congressman has got two ends, a sitting and a thinking end, and since their whole success depends on their seat, why bother friend?"

We need to be loud enough, so they will bother to stand up, to stand for something specific, our best interest

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